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Vacuum Tanker Hire

Charlton Sweepers offer a Vacuum Tanker Hire Service .

The equipment which is supplied by Charlton Sweeper Hire includes:
  • Whale High Volume Vacuum Tankers.(capacity 7000 litres or 7 ton)

  • Equipped with Gully Emtying pipes

  • High Pressure power washing facilities

  • 4 & 5 inch vacuum hose facilities (various lengths available)

  • Gully Emptiers.

  • Machines are Whale High Volume Vacuum tankers 18 ton.

  • Rear high volume drain jetting hose (industrial)

  • Low volume drain jetting hose (domestic)

Our tankers hold 7000 litres giving us a huge variety of industrial and environmental services capability. The tankers are able remove large amounts waste from a site and transport it to another location for disposal, recycling or to a treatment centre. Also included with our Jet Vac tankers is the additional use of a high pressure jetting units, which means it can carry out cleaning duties as well as its the primary function of a tanker.

Typical uses include - Wet waste removal, Drain Cleaning, Drain Unblocking, Gully Emptying, Pressure Cleaning, Aco Drain Cleaning and Interceptor Emptying.