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Gully Sucking

Charlton Sweepers offer a Gully Sucking Service also known as Gully Emptying.

The equipment which is supplied by Charlton Sweeper Hire includes:
  • Mechanical Road Sweepers.

  • Single and Dual Sweep Operations.

  • High Pressure Water Jetting Lances

  • High Volume Water Streetwash.

  • Road Sweepers equipped Gully Emptying facilities.

  • Johnson VT650 - 13 ton - 17 ton machines.

  • All fitted with Reverse-aid cameras.

When cleaning a road gully our operators clear the grid of debris and raise the lid. Any debris or excess water is vacuumed up by the gully suction boom. Clean water is then flushed through the gully to ensure the drainage system is working correctly. If the gully is still not running smoothly, high pressure jetting takes place to clear any blockages.