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Road Sweeping

Charlton Sweepers offer a Road Sweeping and Road Sweeper Hire Service.

The equipment which is supplied by Charlton Sweeper Hire includes:
  • Mechanical Road Sweepers.

  • Single and Dual Sweep Operations.

  • High Pressure Water Jetting Lances

  • High Volume Water Streetwash.

  • Gully Emptiers.

  • Johnson VT650 - 13 ton - 17 ton machines.

  • All fitted with Reverse-aid cameras.

Typical places where / situations when the Road Sweepers are used include Car Parks, Construction Sites, Factory Roads and Perimeters, Quarry Roads and access, Wash Down Bays / Spillages (Non Toxic)
Also Forecourts and Gullies, White Lining, Leaves, Warehouses, Factories, Interiors and Footpaths, Bus Shelters, Cattle Grids, pre surface dressing and post surfacing dressing.